Decoupled Active Contour (DAC) Optimization Using Wavelet Edge Detection and Curvature Based Resampling

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Locating an accurate desired objectboundary using active contours and deformable modelsplays an important role in computer vision, particularlyin medical imaging applications. Powerful segmentationmethods have been introduced to address limitationsassociated with initialization and poor convergence toboundary concavities. This paper proposes a method toimprove one of the strongest and recent segmentationmethods, called decoupled active contour (DAC).Herewe apply Wavelet edge detection on the image whichcause it to have more contrast to have more informationabout edges, followed by an optimum updating on themeasurements using Hidden Markov Model (HMM) andthe Viterbi search as an efficient solver. In order to havea more accurate boundary at each iteration more pointsare injected in the high curvature parts based on thesnake curvature so we will have more precision in thesepart and also flat parts.

کلیدواژه ها:

active contour ، wavelet edge detector curvature ، DAC


Fahime Garmisirian

Department of Biomedical Engineering Shiraz University

Mahsa Mohaddesi

Department of Biomedical Engineering Shiraz Univer

Zohre Azimifar

Department of Computer Engineering Shiraz University

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