Application of Robust Engineering Methods in Oil Pump Housing Production Process

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The concepts of robust engineering (RE) are based on the philosophy of Genichi Taguchi, who introduced the concepts after several years of research. Robust engineering which is also referred to as Taguchi Methods, (TM), systematically evolved starting in the 1950s and aims at roviding industries with a cost effective methodology for enhancing their competitive position in the global market. In this study, RE Methods has een used to improve the quality of oil pump housing production of Iranian diesel engine manufacturing (IDEM) Company in which 134% improvement over the current condition has been achieved. It is interesting to mention that the above wonderful result has been obtained under vast conditions of production and operation environments, and increasing production capacity and not imposing any further investment in factors of production.



Ph.D. State Assistant Professor and Head Department of Statistics Allameh Tabatabaee Univ. Beheshti – Ghassir Ave. Tehran, Iran

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