A New Approach for Efficiency Optimizing of Single-Phase Induction Motors

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The efficiency in single-phase induction motors (SPIMs) are rather low due to the series capacitor also called run-capacitor which is connected to the auxiliary winding toprovide 90 degree phase shift of the voltage source. This paper investigates this problem and tries to propose an appropriate procedure to solve. After carrying out a detailed motor analysis and investigating maximum efficiency condition, a new modified inverter-based method for eliminating the series capacitor and therefore optimizing the efficiency is proposed. Both conventional and proposed method was applied to a sample system and results of simulated system validates the proposed method.

کلیدواژه ها:

efficiency optimization ، inverter ، optimal capacitor-run ، phase shift ، single phase induction motors (SPIMs)


S Asghari

Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran

E Fallah

Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran

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