An MPC Method Based on a Hybrid Model of a Three-phase Inverter with Output LC- Filter

سال انتشار: 1390
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Controlling inverters with LC output filters in order to achieve a high quality desired output voltage or current is a challenging problem in power electronics. The LC filter and thebinary nature of switch state variables increase the difficulty of achieving a single comprehensive model for the system. In thispaper, a hybrid model is presented for a three-phase inverter with an LC output filter and a three-phase RL load. Then, the Model Predictive Control (MPC) algorithm is applied to the model and a geometrical approximate method is used to fit the answers to the binary values. Simulation results for a sample system verify the usability of the method and the quality of the answers.


Behnam Mazaheri

Sharif University of Technology

Hossein Mokhtari

Sharif University of Technology