A Brushless Contra-rotor Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator for Marine Current Energy Generation

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A novel Contra-rotor axial flux brushless permanent magnet generator (CRAFBPMG) for marine current energy generation is proposed, and all parts of it are described. Thegenerator topology with two independent counter rotating rotors, and a stator lead to elimination of brushes and slip ringsfor excitation system, as well as the need to gear box and gyroscopic effect make it a water-prop, and compact generator with high torque to volume ratio suitable for marine currentenergy generation. Moreover, the generator’s parts are modeled and designed using analytical approach. An optimum design forthe generator is obtained using analytical iterative approaches. To evaluate the efficiency of the obtained design a flux densitysimulations using finite element software package is carried out. The obtained results from the simulations demonstrated the effectiveness of CRAFBPMG.


Abbas Rezaey

University, Semnan, Iran

Yousef Alinejad-Beromi

University, Semnan, Iran

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