Effect of small sided soccer games on Interleukin-۱۸ and blood lactate of teenage soccer players in warm weather

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Introduction: Training techniques, age, and climatic conditions may play a significant role in physiological responses of soccer players. Therefore, this study set out to investigate changes in the serum interleukin-۱۸ (IL-۱۸) and blood lactate levels of teenagers after playing small-sided soccer games in warm weather. Methods: In this study, ۲۴ soccer players aged ۱۵-۱۸ years were participated. Among them, ۱۶ players divided into six experimental groups including two ۴-member teams (mean age: ۱۶.۱۳±۰.۸۸ years; height: ۱۶۷.۰۰±۶.۶۶cm; weight: ۵۸.۷۰±۷.۳۴kg: BMI: ۲۰.۹۶±۱.۷۹) and four ۲-member teams (mean age: ۱۶.۸۰±۰.۴۸ years; height: ۱۶۷.۰۰±۵.۷۳cm; weight: ۵۵.۱۶±۵.۹۸kg: BMI: ۱۹.۷۸±۱.۸۳). Experiments were conducted in two fields, sized ۲۵×۲۰ m۲ and ۳۵×۲۸m۲, respectively. The other ۸ players (mean age: ۱۶.۱۸±۱.۰۷ years; height: ۱۷۱.۰۰±۶.۷۵cm; weight: ۵۸.۸۶±۸.۲۱kg: BMI: ۲۰.۰۳±۲.۱۴) were taken as control group and did not perform any [athletic] activity. The blood samples of all groups were collected before and immediately after the games, and then the IL-۱۸ and lactate levels were measured. Results: According to the results, the amount of IL-۱۸ and lactate significantly increased in the experimental groups (P<۰.۰۵). Conclusion: It may put that playing small sided soccer games in warm weather significantly increases IL-۱۸ and blood lactate levels of teenage players.