Acute Effect of Concurrent Exercise on Serum Leptin and Resistance Insulin Response in Sedentary Men

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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 28 تیر 1402

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This study aimed to determine the delayed effect of one session of concurrent exercise on serum leptin and resistance insulin levels of sedentary men. Materials and Methods: Fifteen healthy young men with a mean age of ۲۲.۹ ± ۱.۷ years and a body mass index of ۲۳.۳ ± ۱ kg/m۲ voluntarily participated in this experimental research. They participated in one session of concurrent exercise including ۲۰ min of aerobic running on a treadmill at ۶۰%–۷۰% maximum oxygen uptake plus a resistance exercise at the intensity of ۷۰% of ۱‑repetition maximum with ten repetitions per set to second round. Blood serum leptin, glucose, insulin, and insulin resistance index were assessed before, ۲۴, ۴۸, and ۷۲ h after the exercise program. Results: The results showed that leptin level did not change statistically significantly immediately and ۷۲ h after the exercise termination (P > ۰.۰۵) but did decrease statistically significantly ۲۴ and ۴۸ h after the exercise program (P ≤ ۰.۰۵). The result also showed that insulin and insulin resistance levels decreased statistically significantly immediately after the exercise and lasted for up to ۴۸ h postexercise (P ≤ ۰.۰۵); however, it returned to its initial value after ۷۲ h of recovery (P > ۰.۰۵). Conclusions: It was concluded that energy use in one session of concurrent exercise might reduce leptin levels up to ۴۸ h of recovery. In addition, a decrease in insulin, a known inducer of leptin expression in adipocytes, occurs before the decrease in leptin. This change may mediate the decrease of leptin concentration.

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Bahram Abedi

Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Mahallat Branch, Mahallat, Iran