Investigation of inorganic non-sugars in different sugarcane varieties as a remarkable factor affecting the sugar production process: a case study

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In sugar factories, achieving the maximum amount of sugar recovery is the strategic objective of senior executives. One of the most important ways to gain this target is to decrease the ash content in the sugar production process. The ash in sugarcane juice is one of the important aspects that especially refers to the soluble inorganic salts. A high ash/reducing sugars ratio increases the possibility of melassigenic. Due to the high importance of this aspect in sugar factories, the sugarcane samples were derived from four varieties (denoted as A to D). After that, the inorganic components distribution and percentage ratios of significant constitutes have been investigated in sugarcane samples. The results showed relatively higher concentrations of K, Na, Ca and Cl but relatively lower P levels (in comparison to A and C) in the D-variety than others. Then, different parameters that affect these contributions were evaluated. Ultimately, this investigation will lead to sucrose loss reduction and operational decisions making in achieving sustainable production.

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Maral Ajamian

Iranian Sugarcane Research and Training Institute (ISCRTI) Ahvaz, Khuzestan, Iran