CFD modeling of back pressure in a three-way catalytic converter

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In this study, a CFD model is developed to evaluate the back pressure caused by a three-way catalytic converter. The amount of back pressure is investigated by means of a ۳D model developed for SAIPA M۱۵ engin exhaust manifold. In order to increase model accuracy and achieve reliable simulation results, which can be a basis for future optimizations, the catalyst is modeled with the real dimensions with all details. CFD simulations are performed by COMSOL Multiphysics software, and an experimental setup is developed to validate simulation results. Analysis shows that model results are in good agreement with experimental data.


Vahid Sobhani

Partlastic industrial Group, Catalyst department

Alireza Dehghan,

Partlastic industrial Group, Catalyst department

Yousef Zaynali

Partlastic industrial Group, Catalyst department