effect of laser welding conditions on properties of steel tailor welded blanks TWB

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there is a major interest to manufacturers of automobile and aerospace parts towards the tailor welded blanks TWBs to reduce the weight and cost of the parts and improve their perfomance in this work effet of laser welding parameters such as power speed angle of the laser beam and the focused length on properties of four groups of TWBs two groups with similar thickness and different steels and two groups with similar steel and different thicnesses are investigated the results indicate that the inclined laser beam cause the sample failure from the weld zone in the tensile test setting the focal poit on the top surface of the sheets results in better properties in compariston to the other positions due to high cooling rate at weld zone microstructure of the weld aminly consists of acicular ferrite widmanstatten ferrite allotropic ferrite and to some extent low carbon bainite which in turn lead to higher strength in welded sheets comparing to the as received ones

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tailor welded blanking TWBs ، laser welding ، steel sheets