Energy and Exergy Analysis Of A Refrigeration Vapor Compression Cycle InVarious Climatic Conditions Using R۴۱۰a

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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 31 فروردین 1402

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In this research a study of refrigeration vapor compression cycle with various climatic conditions andusing R۴۱۰a as refrigerant performed. A methodology performed for consideration of thermodynamic statesof a compression cycle by ۲۵ steps. The range of refrigerant performance for main thermodynamic propertieslike temperature, pressure, enthalpy and entropy described. A Comprehensive combined ۴D diagram of P-Ts-h situations and conditions of states for R۴۱۰a provided in order to compare behavior of the selectedrefrigerant in assumed working and climatic condition. Subsequently The Coefficient of Performance (COP)for refrigeration (cooling procedure), heat pump (Heating procedure) and both heating and cooling instandard and actual conditions performed and described. Afterward EER, HRR and cycle Capacity provide,and finally, the minimum and maximum ranges of thermodynamic properties of each state, for assumed valuesand different climatic conditions calculated and consequently, according first and second law ofthermodynamics, analyzing of Energy, irreversibility and Exergy Destruction Ratio (EDR) of the systemcomponents individually and whole system, totally described.

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Mazyar Zand

CSME, SCGM, Energy Department Man., MOP, Sharif university of technology & IAU Tehran, Iran

Mahdieh Zakizadeh

IT Department Man., MOP, Sharif university of technology & IAU Tehran, Iran