An Investigation of Education for Sustainable Development Competencies: A CaseStudy of GFP Teachers of University of Buraimi

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Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is a kind of education that has recently gainedinternational prominence for solving many sustainability challenges. The currentquantitative research seeks to investigate the University of Buraimi General FoundationProgram (GFP) teachers' education for sustainable development competencies and theiraspects. It aims to answer two questions: What education for sustainable developmentcompetencies do the GFP teachers at the University of Buraimi have? And what aspects ofeducation for sustainable development do the GFP teachers at the University of Buraimipossess? This research is significant, as it will help all stakeholders evaluate the currentteaching competencies of education for sustainable development that in-service teachershave and how to develop them to achieve the main plan of education for sustainabledevelopment by ۲۰۳۰. A total of twenty GFP teachers participated in the current study forthe academic year ۲۰۲۲–۲۰۲۳ at the University of Buraimi. They were selected using aconvenience sampling procedure. One electronic questionnaire was used to collect data. TheStatistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) software (version ۲۳) was used to analyze thedata. Results show that GFP teachers' ESD competencies are higher than their transversalcompetencies and science education competencies, respectively. They further show that GFPteachers are more competent in raising students' environmental awareness, putting anemphasis on intellectual development, and thinking about the effects of their behaviors ontheir countries and the world than the rest of the current research competencies' aspects. Thecurrent research implications and future research avenues were also discussed

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Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) ، Sustainable Development(SD.) ، competencies ، sustainability


Asma Hamyar Al Azzani

Centre of Foundation Studies, University of Buraimi (UoB), Sultanate of Oman