Investigating of explosive welding of ۳۰۴ stainless steel pipe to ۵۰۸۳aluminum pipe by simulation

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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 16 اسفند 1401

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Explosive welding is a solid state joining process, which uses controlled explosionenergy to create a metallurgical bond between dissimilar metals. In this research, theinternal coating of ۵۰۸۳ aluminum pipe with ۳۰۴ stainless steel by explosion weldingmethod by Anfo materials with an explosion speed of ۳۰۰۰ m/s, under different standoffs at a constant exploding load has been investigated. Simulation with AUTODYNsoftware has been used to analyze the process parameters such as speed, impact pressure,stress, plastic strain and temperature in the impact area. The maximum pressure obtainedin the pressure contours in all simulations shows values between ۱۵ and ۳۰ GPa. Theplastic stress in the collision area has reached its maximum value and is around ۹۰۰ MPaand exceeds the yield strength of the metals to be connected, which will cause theconnection. The temperature increase is in the range of۳۰۰ to ۵۰۰ degrees Kelvin, whichis lower than the melting temperature of the metals to be joined, and causes a plastic jetstrain in the collision area to reach its maximum value of ۹۰۰ MPa and exceeds the yieldstrength of the metals to be joined, which will cause the bonding. The temperatureincrease is in the range of ۳۰۰ to ۵۰۰ degrees Kelvin, which is lower than the meltingtemperature of the metals to be joined and predicts the creation of a quality weld withoutlocal melting.


Hamid Arabi

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Materials and Manufacturing Technologies, Malek Ashtar University, Iran