What Scares Tourists Away: A Glance at Facets to Reconsider to Facilitate more International Tourists

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One of major sources of budget or people’s general income in clever economies originates from international tourism. This source of revenue may on the one hand help common people make a living and on the other provide economies with foreign currencies to pay for the import of goods the people are needy of. Otherwise, heavy toil and drudgery by the people of a certain locale and or lack of even urgent goods and commodities might be a sacrificing replace for it or if not, possibly export of the very irreplaceable intergenerational legacy of raw materials some of which might end eternally on earth would be sacrificed. What this short paper is after is to delve into the reasons why some potential tourists are shied away from paying a visit to Persia or Iran. The reasons were investigated through questions raised to people of various walks of life and the upshots would most probably be of some interest to those involved in various hierarchical levels of conduct of country, be it managers or intellectuals of various realms among other ones. To us, monetary issues in human societies play the foremost role upon which all other areas are dependent, so tourism resource might be a very good one and why not it be a rather easy clear halal money earned wisely.


Mohsen Karimian Azimi

As. Prof., Shahed University

Salar Karimian Azimi

Overseas Researcher