Identify the elements and examine the state of social capital in the management of the Corona epidemic crisis

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The purpose of this study is to investigate and identify the status of social capital in corona crisis management. The research was qualitative and the statistical population of the study included experts in the field of social and cultural issues such as faculty members in the Department of Social Sciences and Sociology who were selected by purposive judgmental sampling of ۱۱ people to achieve theoretical saturation. Data collection tool was semi-structured interview and theme analysis technique was used for coding. MAXQDA quality software was used to analyze the data. Findings showed that factors such as: social trust, social participation, awareness, factors related to economic and livelihood issues, public sector infrastructure and government structural issues play an important role in the social capital needed to deal with the coronary crisis. . Based on this, it can be said that by strengthening the six identified factors, the negative consequences of the corona crisis in society can be reduced.


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