A Model for Utilizing Social Softwares in Learning Management System of E-Learning

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Although social softwares are interactive and communication tools that play an effective role in the field of learning and teaching, unfortunately, the interactive educational method using web۲ tools is a new approach in Iran. In the other hand, the learning management system used by many virtual universities to improve the learning and learning process of students has some shortcomings and problems. According to research conducted by researchers, the combination of a learning management system and a social software in universities has reduced many of these constraints. The purpose of this research is to provide a model for utilizing social soft wares in a learning management system. In this regard, the research strategy is to provide a research model and validate it. This research is applied in terms of purpose, and in terms of information gathering, it is a descriptive survey. The data gathering tool was a researcher made questionnaire. Sampling method is targeted judgment. Therefore, by reviewing the literatures, first, the capabilities of various social softwares (wiki, blog, social networking, podcast and tag) were identified in the field of learning and education and a model for using these softwares in each module of the learning management system in order to overcome some of the problems caused by these systems in virtual universities were provided. Then, the proposed model was approved by a survey of ۱۵ experts in the fields of e-learning and communications and media. Based on the findings of the analysis of the collected data, the use of various social softwares in the LMS modules was confirmed and ranked in importance.


Maryam Haghshenas

عضو هیات علمی