Grid infrastructure monitoring system based on Nagios

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Network Monitoring is a procedure used to monitor a computer network system and notify the networkadministrator in case of any outages. It is necessary to diagnose and report the issues that would lead to failure orirregularity in the network. The performance and usage of a network can also be monitored. Network monitoring can be doneas server and application monitoring. The process of monitoring server’s system resources like CPU Usage, MemoryConsumption, I/O, Network, Disk Usage, Bandwidth etc. is Server Monitoring. In this paper, server monitoring is done usingNagios, which is an open source tool. Several nodes are added to the network and the performance and status of the networkare monitored. The data is collected and real time statistics is provided and the performance of the network is analyzed. Themain motive is to alert the network administrator by methods like SMS or E-mail in case of any failure in the network. Thishelps in securing the network by alerting the potential issues in real time


Ali Khodayaran

College of Computer Engineering, Khajeh Nasir al-Din Tusi University of Technology, Tehran, ۱۹۹۷-۶۴۴۹۹,Iran