Review of ACCC composite conductor in ۲۰ kVoverhead line distribution network

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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 18 تیر 1401

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It seems the overhead lines have the main part ofelectricity distribution network in Iran, according to thecomparative data of the Ministry of Energy. Moreover, ACSR isthe usual used conductor in all transmission overhead lines. Dueto rapid growth of electricity consumption of residential andindustrial clients, there is a need to increase capacity in powerstations and distribution network, which of course requiresincreasing the conductor cross section. To increase the availableconductor cross section, some mechanical recalculations andchanges in configuration of current network including differenttension in installed towers in angels and end sections and linesequipments are necessary, which installing the new towers inaddition to increasing the overall cost of the project it mayinvolve some technical, social, political issues. In this study, thetechnical and economical comparison of replacing the compositeACCC conductors instead of ASCR without any change in linearrangement and just replacing a conductor with higher capacityis discussed. Therefore, the software which is developed inMCAL (Mechanical Calculations) is used for the line mechanicalcalculations

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ACCC conductor ، ACSR conductor ، composite ، mid-voltage overhead line network


Shahram Moradi

Supervisory and Engineering Dept,Gilan Power Distribution CompanyRasht, Iran

Ahmad Asghari

Supervisory and Engineering Dept,Gilan Power Distribution CompanyRasht, Iran