Evaluation of Iranian universities of medical sciences based on the characteristics of the entrepreneurial university

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Background and Aim: At present, considering that one of the biggest economic problems in Iran is the unemployment crisis. The axis (the second generation of universities) has changed towards the creation and establishment of an entrepreneurial university. The purpose of this study is to evaluate Iran University of Medical Sciences based on the characteristics of Karafarin University.Research Method: This study is a systematic review. Searches by keywords such as University of Entrepreneurship, Third Generation University, Entrepreneurship at the University of Medical Sciences, Features of the University of Entrepreneurship with scientific information points SID, ISI, Magiran and also Google scholar search engine in the period of ۲۰۱۷ It was done until ۲۰۲۱. Then all the reviewed articles that were the inclusion criteria were reviewed.Findings: ۱۳ articles related to the topic of entrepreneurship in the medical universities of the country have been considered and most of these studies require the formation of an entrepreneurial university of medical sciences, including: university administration, university leadership, entrepreneurial culture, communication with The industry has known and recommended the reform of the existing organizational structure in accordance with the goals and strategies of higher education.Conclusion: Considering that this study is a review, the findings show that Iranian universities of medical sciences, considering the characteristics of the entrepreneurial university, have considered the entrepreneurship discussion index and started moving towards the third generation of the university. IsEntrepreneurship in the field of medical sciences is the result of creativity and innovation, and innovation requires a systematic organization, a clear policy and hard work. The third generation university must be organized in such a way as to be able to innovate and be an entrepreneur in the field of purposeful medical sciences, and all individual and organizational activities in economic, social, cultural, and political dimensions must be turned into work.Every university must do something according to its mission. Entrepreneurship in the field of medical sciences has economic, social, political and cultural dimensions. Deepening in the dimension (axis) depends on the location of the university and its region and the local, regional, national and global missions of the university.

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Entrepreneurial University ، Characteristics of Entrepreneurial University ، Entrepreneurship in University of Medical Sciences