Nanomaterials in Tissue engineering

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Recent development in nanotechnology has conveyed prominent profits in tissue engineering, which hasbeen used to repair or regenerate damaged tissues or organs and design smart drug delivery systems. Withseveral applications of nanomaterials in tissue engineering, in order to provide heterogeneous tissue, it isvigorous to choose appropriate nanomaterials for different tissue engineering applications. Indeed, the use ofnanomaterials in tissue engineering is directly resolute by the choice. In this review, the use of nanomaterialsin tissue engineering would be introduced. First, the basic characteristics, preparation and characterizationmethods of the types of nanomaterials are introduced briefly, trailed by a detailed explanation of the applicationand research advancement of nanomaterials in tissue engineering and drug delivery. Finally, the existingchallenges and scenes for future applications of nanomaterials in tissue engineering are discussed.


Peyman Halvaie Khankahdani

Department of Tissue Engineering, School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Science