Controller Placement of Logically Centralized-Physically Distributed in Software Defined Network Technology for ۵G Big Data Wireless Network

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In recent years, the communication Technology and emergence of using mobile and Internet of Things (IOT) devices are developing very fast and this conditions cause a big data network. The ۵G big data wireless network is presented for handling this development. This big data transmission in ۵G wireless network has many challenges. One of this challenges is management of huge number of devices which run many services. Therefore, software defined network (SDN) is introduced as an effective technology to overcome this challenge. The technology of software defined network provides higher scalability and reliability, high energy efficiency and lower latency which this conditions are suitable for big data services. Usually there are three different architectures for control plane of software defined network: centralized architecture, distributed architecture, and logically centralized-physically distributed architecture in the ۵G wireless network. All of these management architectures have their own features. In this paper, we proposed and simulate these three control plane architecture of software defined network with a focus on architecture of logically centralized-physically distributed control plane which improves the quality of services in ۵G wireless networks. Also we present the simulation results which shows that this architecture has high throughput and low latency.

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Nima Rahimzadeh

Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering Semnan University Semnan, Iran

Pejman Rezaei

Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering Semnan University Semnan, Iran