The effects of human disturbance on diversity of natural regeneration in forest species

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All natural ecosystems have characteristics such as resilience, biodiversityand complexity that should be considered these cases to management andinterference in forest and maximized them to ensure the sustainability ofecosystems (plieninger, 2005). The forest considered as viable community,if this plant community is threatened only by natural factors have theability to repair damage or renew and revitalize their community unlesshuman accelerate the natural destruction pattern (Darabant et al, 2007).Deforestation human factors include grazing, fire, landuse, mining operation,wood smuggling and release of waste in the forest (Harrington, 1979). Therehas long history losses incurred through the forest by grazing. There wasprovided preliminaries destruction of forests through grazing, once thehusbandry was known of profitable investment areas in the era of feudalism(Wassie et al, 2008).


Mohsen Javanmiri Pour

Ms.c.student, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Karaj, I. R. Iran

Mohammadreza Yavarzadeh

Islamic Azad University,Bam Branch

Vahid Etemad

Assistant Professor of forestry Natural Resource faculty, university of Tehran

Mahmoud Zobeiri

Professor, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Karaj, I. R. Iran