Potentials and techniques of drug discovery with the aid of microorganisms

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Searching for analgesic substances in nature in order to alleviate the pain of maladies has been always desirable for people from the very first generation of mankind in history until nowadays. There are variegated sources of prosperous materials with a huge potential of contributing to drug discovery. In this area, microorganisms have a majorimpact owing to their copious number in all conditions in nature. Previous accomplishments in this field have made this major worth investing in. Antibioticresistant bacteria are another factor that make it obligatory to attempt much more strongly to tackle this global issue. Metabolites, enzymes and specific chemical structures of microbial products are powerful clues in turning these minuscule organisms into a great source of investigating for advantageous compounds. These microorganisms are present on the surface of the earth and oceans and in both groups, many novel products have been obtained. This information simplifies that if we want to have efficient products, we needto search for effective organisms in determined environments. In addition, establishing an efficient technique which could make us capable of cultivating organisms that needextraordinary environments, is an integral part of this major. In this study, we consider the importance of having a balanced approach in both exploring microorganisms andculturing them in laboratories and the beneficial impact of applying them together.


Ali Zibaei

Bachelor of science in Microbiology, Islamic Azad University of Rasht, Iran,