A Study on the effect of Cultural Intelligence on Job Performance of the West Azerbaijan Power Distribution Company’s Staffs

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The present study aims to study the effect of cultural intelligence on job performance of the West Azerbaijan power distribution company’s staffs. For this purpose ۳۳۸ persons were selected as statistical population among ۲۲۰۰ persons of the West Azerbaijan power distribution’s staffs. Data were collected using questionnaire and standard questionnaires of cultural intelligence and job performance questionnaire were used to collect data. The validity of the questionnaires was determined using Cronbach’s alpha as ۰.۹۳۱ for cultural intelligence questionnaire and ۰.۸۶۶ for job performance questionnaire. Meanwhile, given that the questionnaires were standard then their validity was confirmed by experts and professors as they are using continually in behavioral science studies. Findings of the study indicated that cultural intelligence affects on job performance. Regarding improvement of situation and promotion of components level and empowerment of the relation between cultural intelligence and job performance it is proposed that long term strategies were held regarding increasing the cultural intelligence level of staffs.


Parisa Ramezanpour Asl

Department of Accounting, Urmia Branch, Islamic Azad University, Urmia, Iran.