Numerical Modeling of Tidal Eddies in Shahid Rajaee Harbour Using the K-E Turbulence Model

سال انتشار: 1382
نوع سند: مقاله کنفرانسی
زبان: انگلیسی
مشاهده: 1,511

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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 25 مهر 1384

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Details of a numerical model for simulation of the tidal flow within Shahid Rajaee harbour are discussed. The turbulent tidal flow has been modeled using the depthintegrated hydrodynamics Reynolds equations. The finite difference scheme has been used to discretize the governing equations and the resultant equations have been solved using the ADI method and Thomas algorithm. The k-? turbulence model has been used to calculate the unknown Reynolds stresses. Also, the common no-slip closed boundary representation has been selected for the turbulent diffusion terms in the hydrodynamics equations. Moreover, the advective acceleration terms in the hydrodynamics equations were treated using the third order upwind scheme, whereas the counterpart terms in the k-? equations were treated using the exquisite scheme. The predicted numerical model results have shown that for the mean flood and high tide levels, there are three circulation cells within the harbour, with the biggest one being located in the middle of main basin and rotated on the clockwise direction.


H. Hakimzadeh

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran.