Journal of Hydrosciences and Environment

Journal of Hydrosciences and Environment (JHE) is a self-publication open access quarterly journal in the field of water and environmental engineering. Publication owner of the journal is civil engineering department of Sistan and Baluchestan University. The journal is related to the research centers of the university. English is the main language of the journal. Authors that their first language is not English should precisely check the grammar and the concept of the manuscript separately. The journal is interested in original manuscripts of researchers and new topics in the field of water sciences.

این نشریه در حوزه های منابع آب، اقتصاد آب، سیاست آبی، آبخیزداری، آلودگی آب، آلودگی خاک، زئو هیدرولوژی، هیدرولیک، سازه های هیدرولیکی، آب های زیرزمینی، زیست شناسی و بوم شناسی آبزیان، مسائل زیست محیطی مقاله می پذیرد.