International journal of Advanced Biological and Biomedical Research

·       International Journal of Advanced Biological and Biomedical Research (IJABBR) is a scientific journal devoted entirely to all facets of pure and applied studies on all aspects of Biological, Biotechnological and medical sciences with emphasizing the latest biology techniques in the field of microbes, plants, animals and humans.

·       The journal welcomes the following topics:

·       • Plant and Animal (Breeding, Genetics, Genetic Engineering, Cytogenetics, Biology and Biotechnology, Gene Expression, Molecular Marker, “Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture”, Proteomics, Microarray, and etc.)

·       • Phytochemistry (Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Composition, Chemical Synthesis, Toxicology, and Etc.)

·       • Human (Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Bioengineering, Cytogenetics, Genetics, Gene Therapy, Biostatistics, Systems in Biology, Neuroscience, Cancer Genetics, Physiology, pathology, anatomy, and etc.)

·       • New Technologies (Biotechnology, Nano-Biotechnology,)

·       • Biosynthesis/ Biochemistry

·       • Microbiological Activity

·       • Biological Activity

·       • Bioinformatics

·       • Next Gene Sequencing