Journal of Advanced Sport Technology

Journal of Advanced Sport Technology (JAST) is an international peer-reviewed academic journal that aims to establish a stronger connection between industrial and academic research, and enhance communication between athletes, coaches, engineers, scientists, biomechanists, managers and administrators involved with leading edge sports technology research and development. Journal of advance sport technology is inter-and transdisciplinary as well as holistic in its approach. The journal includes all major themes in sport engineering and sports biomechanics with emphasis on the new technologies. It covers the development of novel sports apparel, footwear, sport equipment, laboratory tests, methods, procedures, modeling, simulation of technique or equipment; processes that make advances in sports as well as commercial product design, development aspects, sports safety, and current advancements in sports media and marketing. It is also embraced software development as well as theoretical developments in the field of sport technology. The emphasis will be on rapid publishing quality articles and making them freely available to researchers worldwide.

مقالات مهم ژورنال از کلیه شماره ها (بیشترین دریافت)