Bioactive materials: A promising approach in conservative dentistry, a review article

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Background and Objective: Bioactive material is defined as a material that has the effect on or eliciting a response from living tissue, organisms or cell such as inducing the formation of hydroxyapatite. This material use in every fields of dentistry and medicines. A summary of their uses & features about this materials: they use for pulp capping, they can regenerate by remineralization of hard tissues, they have Anti-Caries and antimicrobial properties, some of have alkaline trait so they can raise the acidic pH to safe pH , adhesive ability, insolubility, dimensional stability, biocompatibility, bioactivity , etc.Search Method: We reviewed several articles (over than 10 articles)and reached our requisite data. We make a list based on this data.Findings: This list include the newest Bioactive materials like biodentin , Nanostructured Polymeric Materials with Protein-Repellent, etc , And Famous ones like MTA, Calcium hydroxide , etc , in addition it subtend their advantages and disadvantages of this materials such as , Biological properties, Mechanical properties , cost-effectiveness et cetera. It can help us to compare them and answer to this question which one is better for our treatment plan.Conclusion: New bioactive materials and their effects could change the dentistry fields and dental treatments , they can solve many of dental issues


Ali Jafarian

۱.Dental student , Dental school, Esfahan branch islamic azad university , Esfahan , Iran

Leila Pishehvar

Assistance professor of department of operative dentistry, Dental school, Esfahan branch islamic azad university, Esfahan , Iran