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شناسه (COI) مقاله: ICEM02_101
منتشر شده در دومین همایش سراسری طب اورژانس در سال 1386
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Many healtheare providers continue to feel uncotnfortable aboul calling patienls cistomers and resist adopting cistomer-oriented behavior and partictice. In the new healthcares evironment ,patienrs are no longer the luchy and greateful recipients of benevolent. Autocratic caregivers.patients today are choiees in sceleting where they reccive madical care , and they often have HOW CUSTOMERS DEFINE QUALITY? I was treated like a person I was kept informed. I understood what was told to me. I was treated with respect I got what I wanted. BUILDING A CUSTOMER RELATIONS PROGRAM FOR THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT Customer relattions programs must be founded on valueb that are clearly stated and redily understood by the emergency department care providers. Furthermore , the valuse reflect the patients' needs and concerns ,as wellas the needs and concerns of other external and internal customers. Set the tone when the patient chechs in. Maximize triage. Don't lose them at Registration. Keep patient and families informed. Convery the feeling that time spent with the patient is important. Addressnonmedical needs. CUSTOMER – FIENDLY COMMUNICATION SKILLS Listening Critical listening Empathetic listening Perceptive listening Verbal skills Body language VERBBAL LISTENING AND BODY LANGUAGE SKILLS G GREET the patient in a friendly manner. U USE the patient's name make eye contact E Let the patient now what to EXPECT S USE active listening SKILLS T close the interaction with instruction and a handshake (TOUCH) POINT OF INTERVENTION Identify the problem and address it imeendiately. Establish that you understant something has broken down in the communication the extent possible. Wipe the state to resolve issues. To whatever extent possible ,attempt to meed their expectations. To the extent that you are not able to meet their expectations, offer reasonable alternatives .

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