How the Political Ideologies Affect News Translation

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Some factors may influence the result of a translation, one of them is political ideology and controlling factors which impose some limitations and give direction to the translator especially in newstranslation. Through this paper an attempt has been made to understand how the political ideologies affect the translation.The objective of thesestudy is substantiate the controlling factors as well as describing the ways translators apply these factors. The theoretical framework used for the categorization and clarification of the obtained data is van Dijk‘s (2004) schema which suggests the relationship between ideology, society,cognition and discourse. He believes that social attitudes can represent an array of ideologies which create one‘s own personal ideology thatconforms to one‘s identity, goals, social position, values and resources. Following this model, this study aims at comparing some newspaper textswith their related translations to show the role of Ideology in the process of translation. Results of the analysis of the factors behind thetranslational aspects indicate that ideologies and political issues are important stimuli which can control the translation of news especially political ones


Fahimeh Nazari

Deparment of English, Kerman Institute of Higher Educations,kerman,Iran