Digital Designing And Manufacturing Techniques In Architecture

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Building projects today are not only born out digitally, but they are also realized digitally through ʺfile-to-factory processes of computer aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer numerically controlled technologies. It was the challenge of constructability that brought into question, what new instruments of practice are needed to take advantage of the opportunities opened up by the digital modes of production, instead of whether a particular form is buildable. The advances in computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technologies in the last few year especially since the mid-1990s, started to have an impact on building design and construction practices. The generation and creative potentials of digital continuum and tools, together with manufacturing advances began as a response to industrialization in complex industries and called for architects to master the means of production in an attempt to remain engaged in the qualitive aspect of crafting buildings.


Sanaz Safarnezhad Dijvijin

Tehran University,International Aras campus

Mahshid Ahmadian

Tehran University,International Aras campus