Evaluation Of E-Trust Building StructuresInteract With Transportation

سال انتشار: 1393
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Transportation industry is the most dynamic components of any society. In the twenty-first century, with the growth of technology and the widespread use of the Internet and the emergence of e-commerce and e-business interaction and active transportation industry deserves to have a wide range of electronic services to the transportation community to take advantage of the investors of the new and varied experience in this industry. Since all the functions and facilities for transit passengers and goods is defined in two areas in this article, as well as e-commerce and transit systems and the interaction of the two fields is investigated, and then we will look in the fieldof trust in the e-commerce and e-trust structures in the transportation of passengers and goods

کلیدواژه ها:

ITS- E-commerce - Transportation – Trust- Electronic Payment


Salehe Birzhandi

MSc. student in Transportation Eng., Faculty Of Transportation Engineering ,Isfahan University

Naser Pour Moallem۲

professor Of Transportation Engineering ,Isfahan University

Seyed Jamal Ghoreishi

Expert at Electrical Engineering, Amir Kabir University Of Technology

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