Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome Clinicopathological Review of a Series of 19 Patients

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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 5 آبان 1393

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Background and Objectives: The etiology, pathophysiology, nomenclature and clinical manifes-tation of solitary rectal ulcer syndrome (SRUS) is poorly understood.Aim: To examine the pathology of mucosal changes and clinical features of this syndrome. Materials and Methods: The mucosal biopsies of 19 patients with clinical evidence of solitaryrectal ulcer has been reviewed in accordance with their clinical complaints and endoscopic findingswithin three years.. Results: SRUS has been seen in both sexes (11 male and 8 female) at the age ranging from 12 to 72 years (mean 29 years). The main clinical complaints were rectal bleeding, mucorrhea and perianal pain. The major rectoscopic findings were ulceration, erythema of mucosal surface,congestion and polypoid pattern. The significant pathologic features were mucosal architectural distortion, very superficial and irregular mucosal ulceration, fibrosis of lamina propria and thickening of the muscularis mucosa with splaying of its fibers and extension of muscularis fibersbetween the mucosal crypts. Conclusion: Although SRUS is rare but it can be confused clinically with other similardiseases such as inflammatory bowel disease,cloagenic carcinoma and other malignancies. It mustbe looked in differential diagnoses of pelvic disorders since it is well recognized on rectoscopic and morphologic basis

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Rectom ، solitary ، ulcer ، solitary rectal ulcer syndrome (SRUS)


Moslem Bahadori

Division of Pathology, Arya Hospital Tehran

Katayoun Gohari Moghaddam

Division of Pathology, Arya Hospital Tehran

Saeed erakhshani

Division of Coloproctology Iranian Clinic Tehran

Mohammad Vafaie

Division of Coloproctology Iranian Clinic Tehran