The Role of Development on Rural Tourism in Iran ( case study: Uraman village)

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One of the potentials of tourism in Iran is native architecture, especially native and rural houses, but most villages face the phenomenon of migration and this reality affects the development of tourism. The research question is how tourism develops in villages? And what is the place of tourism in the development plan? The main purpose of the research is to evaluate the capacities of tourism in Oraman village in Kurdistan and its effect on development. This research was done based on descriptive and analytical methods and with a qualitative nature. Data collection is based on library studies, and the author's field and experimental studies in rural researches. The obtained results show that Oraman, like other villages, faces the phenomenon of migration, which is considered a serious threat to attract tourists. In most cases, migration from the village is inevitable. Therefore, while paying attention to the effective factors in migration, special attention should be paid to the location potentials in the village and its distinctive features. As a result, without predicting and solving other problems of Oraman village, new technology and development will not be the way to save the village. Technology alone causes the change of the face of the village and disharmony, which itself causes the reduction of the attractiveness of the village for the visitors. The development of tourism and saving the village from the phenomenon of migration and other threats requires proper knowledge of construction techniques in traditional architecture and sufficient knowledge of the location characteristics of villages.

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Sepideh Babazadeh Saloot

Ph.D in Architecture, Department of art and architecture, south tehran branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran