Economic development of countries and its impact on traffic safety in cities

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Traffic accidents are a serious social problem that can be seen all over the world. The fact that traffic accidents cause loss of life in addition to consequences such as health, material, and psychological damage forces governments to take measures to minimize traffic accidents and their casualties in the society under their management. On the other hand, researchers also focus on the causes of traffic accidents because, by examining the factors affecting the occurrence of any problem in cities, their impact and severity can be reduced, and with medium-term planning, the negative effects of that factor can be eliminated or reduced. In this research, the low level of economic development is one of the causes of accidents. In other words, it is claimed that there is a relationship between traffic accidents and their severity and levels of economic development, and the idea that traffic accidents are lower in countries with high levels of economic development is supported. To support this idea, countries' levels of economic development and traffic accidents are examined together. The relationship between traffic accidents and levels of economic development will show the difference between traffic accident outcomes in rich and poor countries. As a result, it will be accepted that in countries with high financial resources, traffic accidents are less frequent or their consequences are relatively mild. In the process of the study, deaths caused by traffic accidents are compared in high- and low-income countries. After this comparison, the impact of the amount of budget allocated to the vehicle sector, the quality of education and awareness among citizens, the standard of urban transportation and access, and the lack of attention paid to the transportation infrastructure used in low-income countries have been investigated.The method used in the current research is descriptive-analytical, and the library method was used in the collection of statistics and historical documents, and its purpose is to investigate the relationship between traffic safety and economic indicators.In this article, we will first explain the key words, and after stating the effective factors in accidents and traffic, we will examine the relationship between economy and traffic safety.

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