Security Considerations in the Internet of Vehicles (IoV): Challenges of Designing Authentication Schemes for IoV

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The Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is a network of vehicles equipped with sensors, software, andthe technologies with the goal of communicating and exchanging the traffic-related-messagesover the Internet. Although this environment can inform users of many vital data in traffic,such as road status information, pedestrian crossing, weather conditions, speed warnings,cornering and intersections, to increase users’ safety, it is subject to many cyber threats suchas privacy violation, sending messages from illegal sources, breach of confidentiality and soon. Security protocols can be used to overcome these problems. One of the most usefulsecurity protocols in the IoV environment are the protocols based on digital signatures.Recently, Certificateless Aggregate Signature (CLAS) schemes have been widely used inIoV. In this paper, we explain the basic security requirements in IoV and describe that howa CLAS can satisfy these requirements. Moreover, we analyze a recently proposed CLASscheme, explain its weaknesses for the IoV environment and fix some of them to be suitablefor the use in IoV.


Parvin Rastegari

Electrical and Computer Engineering Group, Golpayegan College of Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Golpayegan, ۸۷۷۱۷-۶۷۴۹۸, Iran