Relationship between Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder and substanceabuse among college students in southeastern Iran

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Individuals with a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are more likely tostruggle with substance abuse disorders. College students are more prone to and at risk ofsubstance abuse. However, further research is needed to better find the relation between ADHDand Substance abuse. This study aims to investigate the association between ADHD and substanceabuse among college students in southeastern Iran. This is a cross-sectional study, and ۲۳۵student’s faculty members were randomly sampled at the Bam University of Medical Sciences in۲۰۲۲. Three questionnaire checklists were designed for the demographical parameters, the adultADHD rating scales, and opioid and stimulant abuse. Stimulant abuse was more common thanopioid abuse, with ۸% of college students admitting to having consumed alcohol at some point intheir lifetimes. Opium, heroin, and ecstasy were the three most common drugs among students.Attention-deficit symptoms, impulsive symptoms, and the ADHD index were found to be presentin ۴۲%, ۴۴%, and ۴۳.۴ % of the sample, respectively. Students who used substances exhibitedhigher levels of attention deficit and impulsivity than other students. There is a statisticallysignificant link between having sex, going to college, having ADHD symptoms, and using drugs.The high incidence of attention deficit and impulsive symptoms among college students may playa role in encouraging and sustaining substance abuse and lowering academic performance. Collegestudents, particularly medical students, must undergo screening, diagnosis, and therapy for ADHDsymptoms to avoid the severe repercussions of this condition.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ، ADHD ، Substance Abuse ، College Students ، Iran.


Leily Abedi Qeshlaghi

Noncommunicable Diseases Research Center, Bam University of Medical Sciences, Bam, Iran.