Impacts of Air Pollution on Human Health Specially Women- A Mini Review

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Air pollution is a risk factor for human health and causing to kill more than ۷ million people every year. Among indoor and outdoor air pollution, the risk of indoor type is higher in women, due to their higher exposure duration. In this study air pollution and sources, indoor and outdoor air pollution as well as their pollutants (PAHs, heavy metals, VOCs, PM, SO۲, CO, NO۲ and O۳), were investigated. It was found that air pollution causes harmful effects on human especially for women such as cardiovascular disease, anemia, hypertension, bronchial and lung cancer, respiratory infections, ocular effects, low birth weight and infant mortality, type ۲ diabetes, mental stress, neurological disorders, skin disease, breast cancer, kidney dysfunction and depression. To mitigate mentioned problems, it is crucial to manage sources and make policies along with strengthening their implementation.

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Elahe Javadi

Ph. D of Environmental Pollutions, Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Natural Resources andEnvironment, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.