Technical necessity for introduce, develop and implement a standard risk based analysis study approach for floating solar PV farm projects

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The existing global craving interest and tendency for extensive development of huge mega projects of renewable energy power generation systems is an association of un-engineered humankind attempting for imperfect development and industrial implementation of many systems during industrial revolution ages (۱۷۶۰-۱۸۴۰). Today, the mega projects of renewable power generation plants and systems such as wind farms (both onshore and offshore), solar PV power plants, solar tower & heliostats, etc. are responsible for occurrence of a series of definite known environmental damages, disorders and phenomena throughout the world. For popular dummy community, the renewable energy power generation systems are considered as zero environmental side effect power plants ever installed by humankind, while this is not exactly true. In more recent activities, the extensive installation of huge floating solar PV farms in oceans, seas, lakes and rivers shall be considered as an inherent environmental risk for the main pre-dominant developers of such power generation systems, and nations. The ecological characteristics of nature may experience an irreversible damage beyond the natural recoverability power of nature of these areas, bearing permanent disasters in an extensive area. Many individual study and investigation field reports may be found in literature in the realm of cost-benefit analysis, as well as the environmental side effects study of these type of projects in most developed industrial nations [۱]. Thus, it seems introducing, development and implementation of a complete detailed standard Risk Based Analysis (RBA) method and procedure for analysis and synthesis of floating solar PV power generation systems is necessary for all industrially practical purposes. In this paper, the most important necessary constituents of this standard analysis method concept and idea will be reviewed in a quite brief manner.

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Thin Film (TF) Solar Cells ، Solar PV Panels ، Solar PV Farm ، Risk Based Analysis (RBA) ، Hazards Identification (HAZID) ، Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP)


Aref Mohammadzadeh Novin

Energy Fellow, Senior Mechanical Engineer