Nippon’s Tourist Attraction: A Look at the Reasons Why Japan Enjoys such an Alluring Influence on some International Tourists

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International tourism may not necessarily be an attractive source of income to a post-developed country such as Japan or the States. Yet, they might be reasonable leads for those economies which are after or in need of international tourism as a source of revenue. This paper attempts to pinpoint the positive status of Japan [Nippon or Nihon, as it is called by the Japanese themselves] on tourism in order for the interested readers to know what exists there that has such an impressive gravity force on foreigners so that, if possible, some might make duplicate forms of attractiveness in their countries. This short paper bears the viewpoints of a couple of international tourists inclusive of the writer himself as well as some kins so that readers might see an outsider’s perspective on the status quo of Nihon


Mohsen Karimian Azimi

As. Prof., Shahed University