Simulation tool development for modeling pn-junctions (diodes) under forward bias based on one-dimensional drift-diffusion

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Goal of this paper is to develop a one-dimensional (۱D) drift-diffusion simulator for modeling pn- junctions (diodes) under forward bias conditions. P-n junction diodes form the basis not only of solar cells, but of many other electronic devices such as LEDs, lasers, photodiodes and bipolar junction transistors (BJTs). A p-n junction aggregates the recombination, generation, diffusion and drift effects described into a single device. A p-n junction with no external inputs represents an equilibrium between carrier generation, recombination, diffusion and drift in the presence of the electric field in the depletion region. Both types of carriers must be included in the model (electrons and holes). Finite difference expressions should be used for electron and hole continuity equations using the Sharfetter-Gummel discretization scheme. The work presented in this dissertation showed promising results for simulating pn junctions (diodes).


Iman Sohrabi Moghadam Chafjiri

College of Skills and Entrepreneurship, Lahijan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Lahijan, Iran