Identify of Wife Abuse Factors among Women Referred to Forensic Medicine Center was Minab City (In Iran)

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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 9 آبان 1401

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This study aimed to identify various factors in spousal abuse of women referred to as the Minab City (inIran) Forensic Medicine Center. The statistical population of the present study included all women whoreferred to forensic medicine in Minab City (in Iran) in ۲۰۱۷, of which ۱۴۳ patients referred to forensicmedicine in Minab City (in Iran) were selected as the sample. A sampling method was available. Aresearcher-made questionnaire was used as a research tool. The research tool was used after validationand reliability. A Chi-square test was used to analyze the research questions. The results showed thatvariables such as punishing the husband in his family, witnessing the husband in a fight between parentsin his family, parental disrespect, freedom in choosing a spouse, the involvement of a relative in themarital life, pessimism of the husband, and Alcohol and drug use have been influential in thephenomenon of spousal abuse of women referring to forensic medicine in Minab city (in Iran). Overall,the results of the study confirmed that several sociological and psychological factors are influential in theoccurrence of wife abuse.


Abdolhossain Bahrami Ravangi

Department of General Psychology, Bandar Abbas Branch, Islamic Azad University, Bandar Abbas, Iran