On the Optimum Design of 3-RPR Parallel Mechanisms

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This paper deals with the optimization of 3-RPR planar parallel mechanisms based on different performance indices including the kinematic sensitivity, the workspace and the singularity locus. Since the kinematic sensitivity has been proposed only recently, more emphasis is placed on how it should be adapted for the optimization of 3-RPR parallel mechanisms. The optimization is implemented in sequence using first a single objective technique, differential evolution, and then resorting to a multi-objective optimization concept, the so-called Nondominated sorting genetic algorithm-II. A Pareto-based multiobjective approach helps to overcome the problem of unitinconsistent objectives in the optimization algorithm. Moreover, an 1-norm is used in computation of the kinematic sensitivity which has perhaps the clearest physical interpretation


Mohammad Hossein Saadatzi

Advanced Robotics & Automated Systems (ARAS), Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Mehdi Tale Masouleh

Laboratoire de robotique, D´epartement de g´enie m´ecanique, Universit´e Laval - Qu´ebec, QC, Canada - G۱V ۰A۶

Hamid D. Taghirad

K.N. Toosi University of Technology

Cl´ement Gosselin

Laboratoire de robotique, D´epartement de g´enie m´ecanique,

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