An Investigation of the Effective Components Considered in Designing E-Learning Environments in Higher Education and Offering a Framework for E-Learning Instructional Design

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The Instructional design plays a key role in the effectiveness of various educational courses. Studies have shown that the Instructional design is one of the key factors that affect the quality of e-learning courses; however, not enough attention has been paid to the instructional design for designing and implementation of e-learning courses. As a result, we face courses and programs which lack quality. Therefore, exploring the effective components of e-learning designing in the literature and offering an e-learning instructional design for higher education was the purpose of this study. To this end, the study used a systematic review and some keywords related to the instructional design were searched for in scientific databases. After reviewing the articles, ۳۳ studies, conducted between ۲۰۱۵ and ۲۰۱۹, were reviewed. The findings showed that needs analysis, content analysis, learner analysis, instructional principles and strategies, learning environment design, electronic content development, messages design, guidance and support, and assessment and evaluation were the primary components affecting the effectiveness of e-learning. Finally, having reviewed and analyzed the results, examined their relevance to the instructional design, and taken into account the experience of authors in the field of e-learning, a framework was proposed for e-learning instructional design, hoped to be utilized by researchers and e-learning   practitioners.  


Yousef Mahdavinasab

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Esmaeil Sadipour

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Mahsa Moradi

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