A new methode for secure data aggregation in WSN

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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 17 مرداد 1401

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Due to the inherent limitations of wireless sensors (limited resources), communication overhead has always been a major concern in wireless sensor networks. Data aggregation is a fundamental way to reduce overhead information and thus increase network life. Because the results of data aggregation are used for critical decisions, accuracy in the final aggregation of this data is very important. As the use of wireless sensor networks is expanding day by day in critical security markers, the security parameter must also be considered. For such sensitive and important applications, data aggregation protocols must be very effective and accurate, and at the same time the information of each node must be protected from the risk of theft by the enemy. In this paper, we propose an effective scheme for data aggregation. The main idea of our plan is to integrate accurate data without adding significant overhead to the wireless sensor network