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Majority of the research conducted on the ongoing Sino USA China economic tension were basically economic centric touching areas of trade, investment and finance. Even though attempts were made to examine the environmental implications of the tension highlighting the correlation between the economic tension and the environmental spheres such as climate change and global warming, but still there are research gaps that need to be filled. Methodologically, distinguished from previous studies that studied the ongoing tension using mostly quantitative methodology that employed various models such as the GTAP and CGE model but this work employed a Comprehensive Literature Review method (CLR) which has the potentiality of integrating the findings of previous studies with the view of having a clear picture that would pave a way for future Researchers to elaborate more on the aspect. The research found that the ongoing tension has been impacting negatively to the environment such as increasing deforestation especially in Amazon forest in Brazil as a result of high Chinese demand of Soy bean and on the other hand the research found that the tension also affect Air pollution as global fossil fuel consumptions is on the rise which is attributed to lack of commitment (funding, collaboration on research, implementation of agreed measures) of the conflicting parties in mitigating climate change. Moreover, recommendations were forwarded on the research gaps that need to be filled in the future researches such as conducting a quantitative research to explore whether if there is a positive correlation between the US China economic tension and ocean acidification, rising sea level.


Ali Bogheiry

International Relations Student, Ahlul Beyt International University,Tehran

Abdulaziz Mubarak Abdullahi

International Relations Student, Ahlul Beyt International University,Tehran