Construction and Validation of the Scale of Measuring the Social Responsibility of Famous Iranian Athletes

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Background: Addressing the issue of social responsibility is pleasant and valuable for every human being, and this category has found a special place in the context of sports. To date, different forms of this category have emerged, one of which is social responsibility in the individual dimension, which can be addressed to all sections of society. Objective: Due to the importance of the subject, the purpose of this study was to construct and validate a scale for measuring the social responsibility of famous Iranian athletes. Methods: The methodology of the present study is descriptive-analytical and based on the purpose of applied studies. The statistical population of the present study consisted of physical education students of Tehran, Beheshti, Modares and Kharazmi universities in ۳ levels. Structural equations were used to determine the sample size and finally ۳۳۸ questionnaires were examined. In order to evaluate the validity and reliability of the instrument, indicators such as exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis based on structural equation modeling, divergent and convergent validity and Cronbach’s alpha and combined reliability, each of which performs a specific action. Results: Moreover, the results of all indicators indicated a favorable evaluation of the instrument. Conclusion: Therefore, it is suggested that researchers in the field of sports management use this standardized tool to assess the level of responsibility of famous Iranian athletes and provide desirable results.


Amir Ojagh

M.A, Sport Management, University of Kharazmi, Tehran, Iran

Najaf Aghaei

Associate Professor Sport Management, University of Kharazmi, Tehran, Iran

Ahmad Naderi

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran