Leukocytes Parameters, CRP, and Ferritin in Iranian Patients with COVID-۱۹ Infection; A Cross-sectional Study

سال انتشار: 1400
نوع سند: مقاله ژورنالی
زبان: انگلیسی
مشاهده: 228

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Background and Objective: Coronavirus disease known as COVID-۱۹ pandemic is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus ۲ (SARS-CoV-۲), which is affecting over ۲۰۰ countries all over the world. This study was aimed to identify simple and swiftly available laboratory biomarkers to help facilitate effectual triage to categorize suspected COVID-۱۹ patients. Materials and Methods: According to a standard protocol, we collected clinical, etiological, and laboratory data of ۱۴۰ patients who underwent diagnostic tests at Medical Laboratory Group, Tehran, Iran, from October ۱ to November ۲۸, ۲۰۲۰, based on PCR testing for SARS-CoV-۲ infection. Leukocyte parameters, C-reactive protein (CRP) and, ferritin levels were measured in patients with positive PCR COVID-۱۹ test. Results: ۱۴۰ patients with COVID-۱۹ infection were included in the study. The median age in women was ۴۱.۵ (۲۳-۶۰) years and ۴۵.۳ (۲۲-۶۸) years in men. Based on RT-PCR result, there were significant differences for neutrophil, lymphocyte, and monocyte counts. Overall, ۷۲.۸% of patients had monocyte count more than ۱۱ ×۱۰۹ /L. The mean neutrophil lymphocyte ratio (NLR) for women was ۲.۸ (SD: ۱.۸) and ۲.۶ (SD: ۱.۷) for men. Only in ۱۵ patients (۱۰.۷%) with respiratory symptoms, CRP level was more than ۵ mg/L. Conclusion: We found a significant increase in monocyte count. Lymphopenia was also observed. In patients with respiratory symptoms, CRP was significantly higher than the normal reference range.

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Acute respiratory distress syndrome ، Coronavirus ، Cytokine release syndrome ، Lymphopenia ، Real Time PCR ، Severe acute respiratory syndrome ، سندرم دیسترس حاد تنفسی ، ویروس کرونا ، سندرم رهش سیتوکین ، لنفوپنی ، PCR Real Time ، سندرم حاد تنفسی


Gevik Karpians

Department of Biochemistry, Medical Laboratory, Tehran, Iran

Vahhab Piranfar

Research and Development Department, Farname Inc, Thornhill, Canada

Isar Yahyavi

Department of Molecular, Medical laboratory, Tehran, Iran

Teni Sepanian

Department of Biochemistry, Medical Laboratory, Tehran, Iran

Tadeh Sepanian

Department of Biochemistry, Medical Laboratory, Tehran, Iran

Samaneh Alizadeh

Department of Hematology, Medical Laboratory, Tehran, Iran

Arefeh Chandhal

Department of Phlebotomy, Medical laboratory, Tehran, Iran