Determination of Potential Zones of Azolla filiculoides in Anzali International Wetland using GIS Technique

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Background: In recent years, the issue of the entry of non-native species into aquatic ecosystems has been noticed in many parts of the world. This can be considered as one of the most important indicators in the assessment of environmental vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, in recent decades Anzali international wetland has faced an expansion of Azolla filiculoides; and identification of areas prone to the presence of such species is necessary.   Methods: The information obtained from GIS plays an important role in the planning and management of aquatic ecosystems. For this purpose in this cross-sectional study, after preparing the required information layers based on the factors influencing the Azolla filiculoides distribution, the final map of susceptible places was prepared based on the fuzzy logic.   Results: The results showed that ۴۵.۱۸% of the total area of ​​the wetland is considered to be very susceptible to the presence of invasive species. Also, the west of the wetland had a higher potential, which matched the information of the factors affecting the distribution of this species.   Conclusion: The information obtained indicated the appropriate separability of fuzzy logic and GIS in identifying the points that are prone to Azolla filiculoides. Also, considering the vastness of susceptible areas, it is necessary to have a strategy and program to preserve this wetland and control its pollution and destructive factors.

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